Hi, I am Raf Stevens.

'Corporate Storyteller' is Europe's first real storytelling agency, applying established storytelling techniques to marketing and communications.

Here is our newest story project:

Their communication isue:

The organization needed an inspiring story that could communicate the emotional heart of their organization. They wanted to use the power of storytelling to communicate who they are and what they stand for, and to engage their employees around their new business plan.

Our story solution:

We started off the project by building a Story Platform. This platform proved to be an excellent 'tool' to help them weave their start-up story and their brand values together with their future business goals. Next step: constructing the corporate story and creatively bringing it to life!

Our approach:

Through Story Analysis and a Story Discovery Workshop we helped the organization to locate their core story. A Story Plan will show the organization how they must implement their story and in how they can start telling it.

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